Photo by Jason Varney

We are André and Tenaya Darlington, siblings and co-authors of three books that revolve around cocktails: The New Cocktail Hour, TCM's Movie Night Menus, and Booze and Vinyl (forthcoming May 1, 2018).

As kids, we never anticipated that we would grow up to be a sibling writing-and-drinking team. But when we look back, it makes sense!

  • We grew up listening to records on our dad's Thorens turntable.
  • Our family cooked dinner together every night and hosted loads of listening parties.
  • Our parents met in an orchestra and taught us to love music (and cocktails).

Our shared love of food and culture proved formative, leading us -- as kids -- to produce a family newspaper full of stories and recipes, and later (as adults) to pursue writing careers around food & drink. André became a restaurant critic in the Midwest and developed a cocktail column, while Tenaya took off for the East Coast to teach writing and freelance for food magazines.

One night in 2014, we discovered Google hangouts and hosted our first virtual happy hour -- 900 miles apart. Over a couple of Old Fashioneds, we hatched a plan to drink our way through the cocktail canon together. André created a Google doc of 500 recipes, and we began shaking and stirring online several nights a week. Our tasting notes from that year eventually became our first book, The New Cocktail Hour.

Since then, we've had the privilege of writing (and drinking cocktails) together just about every day. We hope our books bring more closeness and conviviality into your life. Cheers!


Andre Darlington (@andredarlington) is a drinks, food, travel, and lifestyle writer based on the East Coast He is a former restaurant critic and award-winning wine and spirits columnist who can’t resist stepping behind a well-stocked bar. In a past life, André was a bass player and DJ. He loves whiskey.

Tenaya Darlington (@mmefromage) is the author of a novel (Maybe Baby), a poetry collection (Madame Deluxe), and a cookbook (House of Cheese). By day, she teaches food writing at Saint Joseph’s University, and by night she pens the blogMadame Fromage -- a finalist for the 2016 Saveur Food Blog Award. In a past life, she played the triangle in a pop band. She loves gin.

Find us online together @withthedarlingtons.