We grew up in a Wes Anderson-like household with a concert-violinist father and a Swiss mother who loved nothing more than curating a Sunday cheese board and reading from The New Yorker. Our family cooked dinner together every night, and that shared love of food and culture proved formative, leading us (as kids) to produce a family newspaper full of stories and recipes, and later (as adults) to pursue writing careers around food & drink. André became a restaurant critic in the Midwest and developed a cocktail column, while Tenaya took off for the East Coast to teach writing and launched a funny little cheese blog that took over her life, Madame Fromage.

With 900 miles between us, we stayed close but it wasn't like sharing a kitchen. Then one evening in 2014, we discovered Google hangouts and arranged our first online “sibling happy hour.” We fixed a couple of Old Fashioneds and sipped across time zones together, peering into one another’s grins. Soon, we became regulars in each other's worlds again. It brought us such happiness. So we set off on a project together: to drink our way through cocktail history, era by era, and record our tasting notes. What began as a shared Google doc became our first book, The New Cocktail Hour.

Today, we have two new books underway, and we're officially a sibling writing & drinking team! Inspired by the intersection of vintage drinks and classic film, we teamed up with Turner Classic Movies to re-inspire movie lovers through Movie Night Menus (forthcoming 2016) -- it's been a year of kitchen viewing parties. Our follow-up is all about drinking and listening, a project inspired by our dad’s lifelong fling with a turntable. Look for Booze & Vinyl on Father’s Day 2018. We're also excited to present a joint cocktail column in Organic Life Magazine this spring.

Join us for drinks? We’ve got weekly recipes, pairing ideas, and loads of entertaining tips coming your way. We also host private workshops, freelance, and love to speak to groups of all sizes.


Andre Darlington (@andredarlington) is a former restaurant critic and award-winning wine and spirits columnist who can’t resist stepping behind a well-stocked bar. In spring of 2016, he opened Field Table, a natural wine/craft cocktail bar and restaurant in Madison, WI. His radio show, “The Farmers' Market Report,” aired on WORT. He now writes and consults full time, and functions as lead visionary for @withthedarlingtons.

Tenaya Darlington (@mmefromage) is a member of the writing faculty at Saint Joseph’s University by day, and a cheese blogger by night. Her longtime blog, Madame Fromage, was a 2016 finalist for a  Saveur Food Blog Award. She is the author of several books, including House of Cheese, written in collaboration with the celebrated specialty foods store, Di Bruno Bros, in Philadelphia. She lives in the Fishtown neighborhood, where she is known for her dairy-centric stoop parties.